Alexia is a Belgian Master of Law student at Sciences Po Paris. Through Monthly Dignity France, she hopes to spread the great work that has started in Montreal and challenge the current stigmas surrounding menstruation and homelessness.

malina gilka

Malina is a law student at the University of Cambridge. She hopes that Monthly Dignity can help to spread awareness on the importance of equal access to menstrual products for all women, transgender and non-binary people.

anna richstein

Anna is a Swedish-American law school graduate at Sciences Po Paris who has previously lived in Belgium, Sweden, and the United States. Bearing in mind that the average woman has her period for 2,535 days of her life, Anna hopes that Monthly Dignity's work will mitigate the financial burdens menstruation entails for many women

francesca sebastiani

Francesca is an Italian law school graduate student at Sciences Po Paris who previously lived in Canada. Through the work of Monthly Dignity she aims at breaking the negative stigma surrounding menstruation especially when linked to poverty. By involving and working together with different organisations she hopes to improve the condition of women living below the poverty line in Paris.

gaby dorey

Gaby is a Masters student of Public Policy and Social Innovation at Sciences Po Paris. Through Monthly Dignity France, she aspires to advance the mission of making access to menstrual hygiene products a right, not a privilege, and to raise awareness about the insecurities women in precarious situations face regarding this issue.

julia coste

Julia is one of the two founders of Monthly Dignity in Canada, and has co-chaired the organization since its creation. She is extremely passionate about the cause (period poverty) and as a result has been given the opportunity to represent Monthly Dignity at WE Day, in the Canadian Parliament as well as in the Forces Avenir competitions.

I'm currently completing a master's degree in Public Policy and Global Health. Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to work in humanitarian action and solidarity work. Because we don't all have equal access to health services, I'm hoping that through Monthly Dignity I'll get the chance to help things move forward and bring some light on the issue that is period poverty.

Heloise Mahe - Bio.png

Colombe is a M1 student at Sciences Po Paris in the school of Public Policy specialising in Social Policy and Innovation. She previously studied Philosophy in a joint program between Sciences Po and Sorbonne. She is passionate about fighting period poverty. A funny fact about Colombe is she got her first period while on vacation by the sea. Karma is a beach!

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