meet the execs!
2020-2021 Monthly Dignity Executive Team
chloe pronovost-morgan
Co-founder Chloe Pronovost-Morgan

As the co-founder of Monthly Dignity, I’m in constant communication with the co-presidents and together we think micro and macro (vision, execution, next steps). I also deal with more bureaucratic matters - currently applying for charity status, for example, and finances. This year, I’m focusing on advocacy. I think our society is ready for some systemic changes and I want our government to be part of the process of attaining menstrual equity.

julia coste
Co-found Julia Coste

Hello, my name is Julia and I am the co-founder of Monthly Dignity. Fun fact: I started my quarantine in Argentina! Monthly Dignity is the first project I ever really invested myself in — and it also happens to be one of the most eye-opening and fulfilling experiences I’ve had (thanks to, amongst others, some of the beautiful souls on this team) :)

Co-president Anais Pronovost-Morgan

As the co-president of Monthly Dignity, I lead the team and make sure that our projects stay on track. This includes setting up new partnerships, organizing meetings and thinking about Monthly Dignity in the Big Picture! I am also a Liberal Arts student at McGill and I coach/play improv theater!

Co-president Sophia Heath
sophia heath

Hi there! My name is Sophia, I use She/They pronouns, and I joined Monthly Dignity two years ago as a volunteer. Since then I have become co-president of the team and I have loved every minute of it! Monthly Dignity to me means partnership, collaboration, and working together for a greater cause. Day to day I organize meetings and lead our trusty team of executives! I love working with the team to support my community!

VP Communications Claire Williams
claire williams
vp communications

As the VP Communications, I work in the #COMMSTEAM with Elise and Elliot to create our social media content! I post stories, schedule posts, write captions and maintain our website! When I'm not click-clacking for Monthly Dignity, you can find me watching 90s teen dramas, looking for new additions to my Pyrex collection and daydreaming about owning a tiny coffee cart.

Head of Volunteers Emma Boucher
head of

As Head of Volunteers, I manage all of our product delivery drives. This year, we also launched biweekly ‘volunteer check-ins,’ where we all read an article on a topic related to period poverty or houselessness and discuss it as a group. We’ve had some really incredible conversations and wonderful guest presenters! When I’m not working with Monthly Dignity, you can find me studying Political Science at McGill University and trying to find the best oat milk latte in Montréal! 

VP Design Elise Desbarats
elise desbarats
vp design

As VP Design, I create Monthly Dignity’s graphics! This ranges from our social media posts, to designing backdrops for video shoots, to signs, advertisements and our partnership documents. I’m part of the Comms team, so I get to work with Elliot and Claire to help fulfill MD’s discursive goal; sharing information in ways that are clear, accessible and inclusive. When I’m not working on MD projects, I’m studying Psychology at McGill and making landscape paintings!

vp internal

As the Community Relations Coordinator, I work closely with Emma and with our partners to ensure they get the products they need. I also help set up new partnerships and manage our stock of period products. In other words, I am the team’s spreadsheet wizard! Outside of Monthly Dignity, I study Biology at McGill and spend my time doing yoga, embroidering, and buying way too many plants.

20210320_152451 3.png
Avery burrow
vp events
clara exec .jpeg
head of research

Hi! As Head of Research, I lead the design and implementation of Monthly Dignity’s research projects. Our goal is to better understand the scope and impact of period poverty in the Montreal area, and to leverage the data we collect to increase awareness of this issue and advocate for systemic change. When I’m not working with MD, I’m a PhD candidate in Epidemiology studying social inequalities in healthy aging, and I moonlight as a procrastibaker and balcony gardener.