Fempro Consumer Products ULC manufactures and markets feminine hygiene products in Canada. They produce Incognito products, a company that prioritizes an utmost respect for the body. All the products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and made without dyes or fragrances. Our partnership with Fempro allows us to receive products that are no longer being sold (for rebranding reasons), at very low costs. They have been crucial in increasing Monthly Dignity’s sustainability.



We are grateful for our partnership with OrganiCup, who has already donated 200 menstrual cups to our cause! Menstrual cups are an easier, healthier and greener alternative to traditional menstrual products.They can hold up to 3 tampons worth and be worn for up to 12 hours, which is vital in the context of the uncertainty brought about by homelessness. The material (100% soft medical-grade silicone) is designed to eradicate the threat of infections: a great improvement from unhygienic makeshift alternatives. In addition, menstrual cups last years, and only require water to be cleaned. Thus, they offer a sustainable and long-term solution to previous inadequate menstrual hygiene product access. These products do require more stable living arrangements, which is why they have been popular in shelters that offer long-term accommodation.





    Moisson Montréal is a registered charitable organisation that gathers food   donations and basic products all year long, and distribute them free of charge   to community organizations on the Island of Montreal. Moisson Montréal   owns a 107,000-square-foot warehouse where 14.5 million kilograms of food        of all kinds pass through annually. Our partnership with Moisson Montréal       permits us to store the products we receive from FEMPRO and OrganiCup in     their facilities, which maximizes the number of products we can distribute, as     often lack storage space is a difficulty we encounter with our shelter partners. 





Accent Insurance Solutions is an insurance broker based in Montreal. They provide us with storage space closer to our main activities in Montreal, which is essential to facilitate smaller deliveries and our daily activities.


epicerie LocO



LOCO is a zero-waste grocery store based in Montreal that offers products in bulk. Their products are organic, local, and vary according to the season. They propose an alternative to grocery shopping that is healthy, environmentally friendly and helps the local economy. Clients switching to sustainable options to deal with their menstruation are invited to donate the unused products they no longer need in LOCO stores. We collect those products and make sure they benefit someone else!

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If you are a shelter interested in partnering with us, a manufacturer interested in sponsoring us, or an individual interested in helping, please do not hesitate to contact us. Message us on Facebook and Instagram, or send us an email!

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