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If you are a shelter interested in partnering with us, a manufacturer interested in sponsoring us, or an individual interested in helping, please do not hesitate to contact us. Message us on Facebook and Instagram, or send us an email!

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monthly dignity france PROVIDes MENSTRUAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS TO menstruators LIVING IN PRECARIOUS SITUATIONS IN the greater paris area. 

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about the cause

In January 2019, Monthly Dignity opened a branch in France, as period poverty is a universal issue that touches many individuals there as well. In fact, a poll conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion in March 2019 indicates that over 1.7 million women live in a situation of period poverty in France. Another source suggests that 130,000 young French girls miss school every year because they lack, for economic reasons, the means necessary to deal with their menstruation. This number is important considering that missing school tends to lead to lesser academic results, reduced physical activity, worsened social relations etc. and thus impacts these individuals’ physical and mental health.

Monthly Dignity France has one main partner shelter - a Salvation Army center called “Palais de la Femme” (Woman’s Palace), located in the heart of Paris. This organisation is an inclusive institution which seeks to welcome individuals in diverse situations (homelessness, need for refuge from a complicated marital / familial situation, students in need, etc.). Overall, it can welcome over 300 individuals at a time.

Monthly Dignity Paris has so far distributed 2,073 products. The local team is currently planning its first big delivery, after having successfully organised a first fundraiser called “21K for Monthly Dignity”. This event was centered around the half-marathon in Vincennes on October 20th 2019. It allowed to both raised funds (1,500 euros) and awareness of the cause.

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