monthly dignity france PROVIDes MENSTRUAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS TO menstruators LIVING IN PRECARIOUS SITUATIONS IN the greater paris area. 

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about the cause

We are the French chapter of the Canadian not-for-profit corporation Monthly Dignity, with the goal of providing menstrual hygiene products to homeless women, girls, non-binary and transgender individuals in the greater Paris area.  We hope to make Paris a better place, one menstrual hygiene product at a time.

A recent poll conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion in March 2019 indicates that over 1.7 million women suffer from period poverty in France. Another source suggests that 130,000 French girls miss school every year because they lack, for economic reasons, the means necessary to deal with their menstruation. 

Our main partner is the Salvation Army centre “Palais de la Femme” (Woman’s Palace), located in the heart of Paris. This organisation is an inclusive institution which seeks to welcome individuals in diverse situations (homelessness, need for refuge from a complicated marital / familial situation, students in need, etc.). Overall, it can welcome over 300 individuals at a time.

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So far, we have distributed 3,428 products and raised €1,500 from our fundraiser "21k for Monthly Dignity". Please keep an eye out for upcoming events near you!



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